security service

asaltarab company provides security services armed security services or armed for customers. We specialize in providing guard services of the following:
Security personnel are selected very carefully and after passing the required tests. These individuals are trained to become qualified to address all situations at any time
Guard Dogs
asaltarab for security services providing detector dogs crackers. They are one of the solutions to secure facilities and public buildings.
Securing public ceremonies
Enjoy Falcon Security Services expertise in securing important actors which relies Falcon for security services on the human element with one of the means: the technology where we offer the latest equipment such as insurance: Traffic gates of Electronic and X-rays.
Personal protection
They are trained and equipped security personnel to perform all kinds of protection for VIPs. We also offer women’s security service.
Industrial Safety
asaltarab company for security services rely on human resources, and provide care and full attention to these individuals through the necessary training to equip them to do all kinds of protection, insurance