facilities guard

facilities guard and around 360 degree a complete coverage of all sides.
Directed foot patrols and passenger.
The outer perimeter to protect the personal residence and the protection of the roads leading to it.
Protection of transportation used by the personal.
The most important rules of interest to asaltarab Foundation for security escorts train their members and managers of the bouquet and good treatment while carrying out their duties.
Concern for the safety of property and property tampering.
Implementation of the core duties of the guards.
The execution of orders and instructions sustainable property.
Prevent the entry of any employee outside working only with official permission by the manager in charge of the entity.
Implementation of instructions issued by the client.
Protection of lives and property and to maintain security and order.
Regulate traffic and flow of goods and Thadiad Menhzlk positions if requested by the client at all sites and in the public streets shall be by the competent authorities.
Report writing notes about security at the sites and delivered to Musharraf