Cooperation asaltarab company with the Ministry of Interior to maintain the gains and property of the nation

The security guard sector is still attractive for young Saudis to engage to work with, through their access to the necessary training in order to protect private enterprises and even the government.
He added that some companies recently worked on correcting the security guard sector conditions through the establishment of Saudi employees of foreign, rather than according to the decisions of the Ministry of Labour and the fund of human resources, in addition to interest and focus on the existence of a fertile environment to work to ensure the security guards job stability and the reduction of dropping out to other positions.
The company Asala Arabs working on the need for commitment to the security guard firms Permanent communicate with supervisors in order to know their requirements and their needs and ensure their progression in the career level through reward them and provide all the incentives that are in the courses inside and outside the Kingdom, pointing out that there is ongoing cooperation between the security guard companies and the Ministry of the Interior in several areas contribute to the preservation of gains and property of the nation.