About the company and its foundation

asaltarab company for security escorts and a national institution engaged in providing security guard service, puts our customers organizers in recognition of the quality of services provided to them, as well as Bofaina our obligations towards them.

And adopt the policy of our organization to meet the security requirements and safety for our customers and the manner in which their liking through the Foundation’s keenness to everything that is universally used by telecommunications and attend conferences and exhibitions in this field.

And that is running the asaltarab escorts security of civilian private individuals on a high level of competence and experience level, where it has been attracting high education qualifications in the field of security was the originality of Arab escorts security Civil own one of the institutions that painted the same basic foundation from which in the field of security guards has been keen originality Arab escorts civil own security since the beginning of its establishment to employ qualified Saudi youths to work in this field with previous experience in the internal security forces and the armed forces and have the practical experience and knowledge of the theory and efficient work style and requirements.

Our mission and vision

And the provision of security guard services and attract security men with extensive experience in the field of security and who have the earlier service in the field of public security and the National Guard to be a security man is able to shield any attempt to tamper with the security property theft or intrusion or vandalism and reporting on any event that threatens the stability of insurance establishment or undermine security at the site and our staff are trained and work training courses for them to raise the level of security for them and improve performance so that they are maintaining the facility.

Security guards and equipment

asaltarab care with all the security equipment company of individuals equipped in terms of general appearance…

Personal Protection

we have trained and equipped security personnel to perform all kinds of protection for…

facilities guard

facilities guard and around 360 degree a complete coverage of all sides. Directed foot…

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